Industry Use Case: Security

You never get a second chance to make a first impression!! The saying could not be truer than in today’s tight labour market. From the moment a potential candidate arrives for interview, accepts an offer and starts their first day on the job there are multiple moments that can leave a lasting impression.


A common challenge is to provide secure, appropriate day one access to corporate systems. Too often a manual and error prone process, that involves myriad systems, to setup user ids, directories, phones, laptops, email, voice mail, enterprise applications and so on.



The Need to Improve IT Provisioning


A new hires success critically depends on the outcome of the onboarding process1.  Leading HR functions are investing heavily in attraction and retention strategies, IT must keep pace to enable a seamless day one experience.


Research shows that on average 17% of new hires quit within the first three to six months2.



Bring Event Thinking to Onboarding


Integration with HR systems can provide IT with early notification of new hires and their start dates.  Key details such as name, title, department, location, email and phone number that are critical for directory and access controls can be gathered automatically.






In this example Candidate Acceptance is a triggering moment.  Emerging event based platforms will sense, analyze and intelligently respond to the moment.


Event driven integration gathers the required new hire details.  An intelligent rules engine triggers procurement for laptops, mobile devices and phones as well as provisioning for email accounts plus any required corporate application access.


The results, required corporate tools are available to the new hire by their start date and a fantastic opportunity for a meaningful first impression.



Reducing Security Risk


Not only is the new hire provided with the right level of access to corporate applications, both HR and IT can trigger further supporting processes.  For example, any additional HR on-boarding or required IT asset management.


Most security professionals will agree that employees are one of the biggest security threats, either due human error or malicious intent3.  Applying the above principles to the full employee life cycle from hire to fire or retire can reduce internal security risks.


For example, HR systems will capture an employee promotion, transfer or departure.  Each of these employee moments can trigger events to adjust or remove required systems access automatically.  This can significantly reduce risk of inadvertent access to data and dramatically improve compliance with security or license audits.


The An-ser© platform connects everything, simply and intelligently.  It is a non-disruptive solution, designed with the business user in mind.  With little or no coding you can digitize processes in weeks, not years. Contact us to discuss how An-ser© can enable IT provisioning and de-provisioning to reduce security risk and improve compliance.




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