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An-ser© platform & SAP ERP


⊲ Canada’s leading 3PL provider managing over $1B in inventory every day for clients in Retail, Technology and Health Care sectors.

⊲ A culture of customer intimacy drives integration for improved inventory, logistics and supply chain excellence.

⊲ A recognized innovator in omni-channel and digital supply chain.


 Contractual SLAs were not being met for clients in the Tech sector.

 Reputation, revenue and customer retention were being threatened.


⊲ An-ser© tracks critical orders from receipt through to shipment and delivery.

⊲ Integration with SAP allows full visibility of order progress and highlights any potential delivery bottlenecks.

⊲ An-ser© platform has expanded to monitor over 600 mission critical events across the entire partner and supplier ecosystem.


⊲ Eliminated risk of critical shipments missing contractual SLAs.

⊲ Process bottlenecks are highlighted in real-time ensuring issues are addressed before impacting customers.

⊲ Strengthened customer relationships, restoring confidence and satisfaction.

⊲ Mitigated risk of contract cancellation and significant revenue loss.

“I feel secure knowing An-ser© is monitoring mission critical processes in our 24×7 environment. This allows my team to react and resolve problems before they impact our customers.”


-Steve Larocque, Director Information Technology, SCI