Supply Chain Disruptions Persist

…despite significant technology investments

The Impact:

Loss of productivity

(68%) - up 10%

Increased cost of working

(53%) - up 14%

Damage to brand reputation

(38%) - up 11%

Customer complaints received

(40%) - unchanged

Service outcome impaired

(53%) - up 14%

Loss of revenue

(37%) - up 1%

The Costs:


report cumulative losses of at least €1 million


report losses of at least €1 million due to a single incident


do not insure supply chain losses at all

Source: Business Continuity Institute

An-ser© delivers 10x ROI on average

…in a fraction of the time and risk typical of digital supply chain initiatives

$3M saved, 30X ROI

Inventory Optimization

$10K to $100K per incident

Eliminate SC Disruption

$5M revenue

Customer Loyalty & SLA

$100k+ annual savings

Warehouse Optimization

$100k annual savings

Partner Notifications

$150k annual savings

Dashboard Visibility

$125k annual savings

Unparallel SC Visibility

$500k+ annual savings

Data and Process Reconciliation