Are Your Processes Digitally Aware?

Are your processes digitally aware? Good question! We define digital awareness as the ability to understand and utilize technology in an increasingly interconnected world. Further, digitally aware processes are able to sense, analyze and intelligently respond to events within your business or supply chain in real time. Increasingly without human intervention.


Our last blog discussed the growing IT complexity that exists within many organizations. Addressing this IT complexity and dramatically simplifying interactions between people, processes and systems is essential to unlocking the value of digital technologies. But this kind of rethink of IT seems like a daunting task especially with recent memories of projects like ERP, CRM, SCM and so on. Earlier waves of technology that were supposed to “do it all” but frequently failed to deliver their full potential.


That said, these earlier waves of technologies have in many instances paved the way for digitalization and helping to achieve functional excellence across the enterprise. At the same time teaching a valuable lesson that while technology is important, an integrated digital strategy is essential in fully realizing long-term business benefits. A recent study by #McKinsey highlights the value of a digitally aware supply chain.



Maintaining end-to-end visibility of global supply chains is a complex challenge. Ensuring all suppliers, operations and customers are in sync often requires orchestration across multiple platforms. Leveraging digital technologies to do this in real-time offers the above benefits. Doing this seamlessly and without disruption is essential to minimize supply chain interruption and transformational risks.


The pervasive and connected nature of digitalization is different than previous waves of technologies and has a more profound impact on business partners and end customers. This makes it even more important for companies to initiate their digital journeys mindfully and with urgency. Progress that to date has eluded most Canadian executives and CIOs.


The NCX An-ser© platform can help accelerate your digital journey while reducing both technological and investment risks. Our non-disruptive platform seamlessly integrates with your existing processes making them digitally aware. Contact us to see how our solutions can jumpstart your digital journey.