Less than 20% of Canadian companies are prepared for the Digital Era

A recent survey The Yawning Gap Between Startups and Industry conducted by #CIO_CAN #DXAgents reveals that Canadian executives and CIOs are lagging globally with their digital transformation initiatives.  The impacts of these gaps are painfully evident in the Retail sector and will have implications across manufacturing and service sectors.


The state of digital transformation in Canada has serious implications both for the economy and industrial competitiveness.  The report also highlights a lack of urgency for digitalization, weak digital strategy, funding and skills shortages as some of the barriers to progress. Some executives admitting they do not know where to start with their journey.


Over 73% of executives and CIOs surveyed say addressing these shortcomings is critical to future success while less than 20% describe their current digital initiatives as highly effective. These are not new findings, a similar IDC Canada survey confirmed a lack of integrated strategy and worse that current IT investments will not support digital expectations. 50% say that selecting, implementing and integrating tech is a key factor to improving the success of digital initiatives.


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