An-ser© – Event Thinking for Successful Digital Innovation

Leave your Legacy.  Innovate Now.


Toronto, ON – January 24, 2019 – Today, NCX announced a major new platform release, An-ser©, which leverages event thinking to dramatically enhance success of digital transformation initiatives. Today’s enterprises have data in the cloud, data centres and on-premise – An-ser© provides easy access to data and processes across the enterprise reducing barriers to innovation, while maintaining control of information. An-ser© is non-disruptive, meaning you can leave your legacy and innovate now.


An-ser© is an intelligent event-processing platform for digital business, now available in general release. An-ser© provides an integrated suite of tools which allows companies to analyze, sense and intelligently respond to business-critical events in real time.


We have the An-ser!

Our digital solutions are as varied as our client base. The An-ser© platform is enabling clients in manufacturinglogistics and retail to:


  • Real-Time extended supply chain visibility, providing timely insights to minimize costly disruptions
  • Provide a more flexible supply chain
  • Improve the ability to predict, assess and manage supply chain risks
  • Optimize inventory replenishment, achieving significant inventory cost reductions
  • Oversee all warehouse and transportation operations to streamline and automate operational processes
  • Provide visibility to all critical process risks
  • Track and guarantee critical shipments


All the above achieved without changes or disruptions to the current legacy systems.


An-ser© delivers a fast ROI, typically 5 to 30x payback in one year.  Learn how our customers are using An‑ser© to achieve success with their digital transformation initiatives.



Connect everything.  Simply and Intelligently.


“This is an important step forward for the An-ser© platform.  Critical processes must be bullet proof and innovations must scale; companies don’t have time to rewire everything.  Designed with the business user in mind with little or no coding required.  An-ser© is non-disruptive, allowing processes to be digitized in weeks, not years.”


-Nick Caggiano, Founder



Stay informed – identify events critical to your business, connect the right applications and data to the right people at the right time.


Intelligently respond – anticipate issues and take action before they become a problem.  The An‑ser© platform connects everything, simply and intelligently, to deliver solutions in weeks, not years.






The latest release delivers several enhancements including Salesforce authentication, web-services integration and cloud-based mobile notifications.


At its core, An‑ser© is SAP aware.  It allows easy access to legacy databases or integrates any REST-enabled applications.  Connect directly to Salesforce, to easily share information between CRM and ERP.


Contact us to find out how An‑ser© and the power of event thinking can enable rapid delivery of cost effective, digitally innovative solutions to your business.