Tire Storage Solutions assists automotive dealerships, tire storage warehouses, and logistics companies across North America by automating their end-to-end tire storage process with a fully DMS integrated software. This world-class software monitors, tracks and maintains information on customers, tire storage, upcoming swap appointments and wheel status including tread depths and rim conditions. With over 350,000 tires stored and 1000+ active app users, TSS is currently unparalleled in their field as the exclusive providers of seasonal tire storage management software in the automotive industry.

Business Challenges

TSS had their original solution developed by a software company in Toronto where the final costs of development were extensive, and the product was delivered in 2009. As the company grew and acquired customers, the software began failing as the volume of users increased. Once they reached 30 users, the software was unable to operate effectively.

“NCX is not just a company that builds great software, they are a full service organization that enabled us to reach new markets with unparalleled growth. NCX revitalized our business and put our software on a class of its own in the marketplace. We are grateful for their insight, experience and commitment to excellence.”


– Domenic Ismaele, CEO Tire Storage Solutions

NCX Solution

TSS approached NCX Inc. to review the existing software’s capabilities and to provide a proposal for improvement. The proposal included the architecture for the improved solution, as well as a full business analysis and consultation of the future potential of TSS’s market and where the software should be. Leveraging NCX’s experience in supply chain, NCX brought forth a new dimension to the solution that enabled a new market channel for their application and business.

We build it right, the first time.

NCX began development in early 2012 and released the software in 2013. The software runs on the Amazon Cloud and supports iOS, Android and Windows rugged devices. It is currently supporting 1000+ users and growing rapidly.

What sets us apart

We approach all of our projects with the capability of growing exponentially to ensure your solution can last and grow with your business needs. We include our 30+ years’ business experience in process improvements and innovation to recommend and design the perfect custom app for you. We assess and architect a solution that will streamline, automate, and mobilize your business process across your entire enterprise.